Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 Year Old Me,

1.That guy you have a crush on your summer before senior year. Don't date him. No only because he breaks up with your 2 days before your birthday but also because he is one of your best friends and you won't talk to him again until the night of graduation when he finally comes up and apologizes for being such a jerk

2. I know you hate feeling like your sheltered, but trust me its a blessing in disguise. You will have a wild streak in a few years and it almost gets you in a lot of trouble.

3.The other guy you have a crush on, ask him out! He likes you too you big dummy. But be warned, he's not the one either. You'll meet him shortly after graduation, and listen to Kendall and Jessica when they tell you to give him a chance, they're smart girls.

4. Your smart. Start acting like it! Nobody wants to actually be " average". People aim to be amazing and you should too. Start studying and stop whining about how you just wish everyone would let you be normal. News flash- There is no such thing as "normal".

5. Go away to college, the rest of your life will be there when you return and you will always live with " what if" if you stay behind. Trust me, its worth it.

6.You have 2 siblings who are looking up to you, act like it!

7. Blonde is not your color. Don't do it!

8. Stop worrying about your friends. The ones you still talk to today are some of your best friends, and the ones you don't talk to any more, well there is a reason for that.



  1. Love this letter!! Very entertaining :)

  2. Love this! Doesn't every girl seem to chose the wrong guy in HS?


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