Monday, September 16, 2013

High School Back Then

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Today I'm linking up with Becky for this weeks blogging with a purpose. This weeks topic? High School back then. I thought about how to write this and was originally going to just post it in fact form ( you know, with bulletins) but decided against it.

Just a few weeks ago I had my 10 year high school reunion and while it was so nice to see everyone I'm so thankful that phase of my life is behind me.  I was this quiet, shy girl who never would stand up for myself like I do today. Luckily for me I didn't have to stand up for myself much because I got along with most people and pretty much avoided conflict.

 I was the stereotypical "good girl" never broke curfew, never snuck out of the house, and always was envious of those who did. I look back and wish I had the back bone I have today, to be wild and spontaneous, to take risks and deal with consequences. To stand up for what I believed in and what I wanted.  I remember friends telling me how they were going to ditch class and go surfing, or on senior skip day actually skipped but I stayed behind, and as a result missed out on so much of the high school experience that others had.

 Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'll encourage my own kids to do those things, but if they do I think I will understand why. I wanted to do those things too and never did. I made good grades, stayed out of trouble and was all in all boring. 

I had fun in high school and I guess that's what matters. I played softball up until I injured my arm and was in the high school marching band. Most schools the band is where the dorks are, but in my school people came to the football games to see the band perform because we were that good ( and our football team was horrible). I was shy so I didn't date a lot until after graduation, which is about the same time I grew a back bone and a wild streak. The memories I have of high school are good ones, maybe even excellent. First kiss, prom, band trips, helping to get the band bus pulled over by cops ( ok maybe I got a little wild every once in a while), and then graduation. 

I'll never forget graduation. I had been going on for days about how someone was definitely going to fall because we were having it on our wet football field. The moment of truth comes and they called my name, I make it almost back to my seat and sure enough, I was the one who busted my tail in front of hundreds of people I had known since childhood. That my friends is my last memory of high school but also one of my favorites.

At my reunion a few weeks ago it was so nice to see how most everyone had grown, matured, and changed. And those people I was so envious of in high school? Well they were pretty much the same, the only difference is I'm not the least bit jealous because as far as I'm concerned my life is perfect and they're the ones who should be envious.

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  1. What a fun post to look back and reflect! Wish I would have done it!

  2. I love this! I too wish I was more spontaneous and outgoing in high school. I was too afraid to be me. I love that you shared your graduation experience! It made me smile :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog as well!


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