Monday, September 23, 2013

Isn't That Pinteresting- Burlap Love

Can I just tell you how much I love fall! The leaves changing, the cooler weather ( hello boots!), and of course pumpkins and burlap. Any reason I have to decorate with burlap is always a great thing.  Of course Pinterest isn't helping!  I have not one, but 4 of my latest DIY projects rolled into one. Why? Because it literally took me only about 1.5 hours to do all of them with little more then a sharpie, some scissors, and some burlap!

Number One 
After finding this easy project I decided to give it a try, and thus bought a giant roll of burlap ( which is actually a 10 foot table runner from Michaels) so I could use it on some other projects as well.

I didn't follow this idea to a T, but luckily the burlap I bought was the exact width I wanted and already hemmed so I didn't have to do anything but cut the length I wanted.

 Then I traced the design, and color it in.

 Then I folded over the top and glued it in place making sure to leave a gap so it could slide onto the flap pole. 

Add a touch of ribbon for some color and tada!

Next, a quick 5 minute project.  I simply bought a fake pumpkin at Michaels, and then free handed an H ( for our last name of course) on it with a sharpie. Super simple and I love how it looks!  Now I just need to get some real pumpkins to put with it to decorate the front porch.

We have decided to do our yearly Christmas photos early since we only have Tim with us for a few more weeks. I decided I wanted to make a banner to use as a prop.

Trace enough pennants

Add the letters

Cut out and thread with some ribbon. I punched a hole in the upper corners of each pennant so I could just weave the ribbon through. Then I knotted it at the ends and left a little extra ribbon to hold on to it.

I will probably keep this around and hang it at Christmas time too.

I actually love the one I found on Pinterest, and since I still have some extra burlap left over ( it was a lot of burlap, trust me!) then I might make one of those for my fireplace to help get us more in the fall spirit.

Last but not least I wanted to add a little bit of a rustic touch to my kitchen and thought what better to decorate it with then place mats for the kitchen table. Now they probably won't be the sturdiest thing, but they sure do look really cute!
Once again nothing but using word to make template to trace with a sharpie. The burlap was just spaced enough that you can see through it.

Like I said, 4 easy projects that took no time at all to make! 

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