Monday, September 9, 2013

Memories in a room

Linking up again with Becky for the latest installment of Blogging with a Purpose. The topic this week? A room from my childhood. 

I was originally going to do my childhood bedroom but couldn't find any photos of it. Instead I decided to share my childhood living room. 

Its crazy how a room can make you have so many memories. Good and bad.  This was the room that my family would gather in and spend time together, this is where we would wrestle with my dad, and put on plays for my parents, the room I was standing in when I got into a argument with my mom and told her I hated her ( yes I was that kid. a brat) and where we spent each and every Christmas morning. 

This was the room where life was easy.

Although my parents have been divorced for years my Dad still lives in the house and while the rooms have all be remodeled thanks to my step mom, the meaning and memories that they hold are still there, buried in the foundation of what made my childhood what is was.\

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