Thursday, September 19, 2013

Simple Chores for Toddlers

Its never too early to start teaching good habits and toddlers are at that prime stages where they love to help with everything, so why not let them?  Lately I've been trying to add a few new things to our daily routine, I guess technically they're chores. E's 2 now so there really isn't any reason he can't help out like a productive ( although miniature) member of this family. 

So how do you pick what things are age appropriate for a two year old to help with? Many of the things we now strictly enforce are things that we occasionally had Ethan help with anyway.

So whats on his list of chores?

  • Pick up toys- Ethan doesn't go to bed until he picks up the toys in the living room. Even if that means we have to start early and lose out on playtime. He's quickly putting two and two together and realizes that Mommy's not playing.

  • Feed the dogs( with help)- He hands me the water bowls and carries then back when they are full, as well as giving each dog a scoop for food.

  • Helping with laundry -he puts clothes in the hamper, and when its time I let him help load the washing machine

  • Dust- He gets the swiffer duster and goes to town

  • Swiffer the kitchen at the end of the night.- With 2 dogs that are constantly shedding this is something so easy for him that is also a huge help

Nothing hard and nothing not age appropriate. (although I do have grass that needs cutting...)

Yeah half of the stuff I still have to do again after he is in bed,  but the point is he is learning to be helpful and responsible.  Now is the perfect time to start introducing children to chores, and as they get older more can be added.  I've also decided I'm going to get a chore chart. I don't know if it will be a DIY or I'll get one like Melissa and Dougs Responsibility Chart.

What chores have you started to introduce to your little one?

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