Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Are you Ready for some Football!!

Let me make one thing very clear. I don't give 2 cents about football. I am a diehard baseball fan, and its the only sport I truly care about. My husband on the other hand loves college and NFL, so every fall our house gets ready for some football.

 I have never understood the game despite how hard my husband tries to "teach" me. I know they people go crazy, run into each other, and throw a ball around, and a touchdown is a good thing. That's it.  But what I do love about football is the clothes. 

I hope one day Ethan wants to play football and I can be one of those cheering moms wearing a # whatever shirt. But in the mean time I will just enjoy watching my husband dress him up on Sundays in his little jersey so the boys can sit on the couch and watch "putball" as Ethan calls it.

I mean seriously.... cutest football player ever!

Now its your turn to link up and talk about your trendy tot! Head over to LindsayMegan, and Kelly and link up for Trendy Tot Tuesday


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  1. Adorable! You should get him a personalized jersey, haha! We are big on football in this house too, I know my hubby is dying for a boy!


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