Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Shoe Addict

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One of the bitter sweet things about having a little one is that they are constantly outgrowing clothes and shoes. The only benefit is that you have a reason to go shopping all the time. 

My sons feet have had a serious grown spurt. He has gone up not 1, but 2 shoe sizes in a month.  Thus meaning he has hardly anything that fits him. So I did what any good mom does and went shopping. 

 I had a friend say something about how if we get Ethan too many pairs of shoes he will start thinking he's a girl. Yes I know she was kidding so the comment itself didn't bother me, but the stigma that comes with it did.

Now I don't know why people feel that little boys shouldn't have a lot of shoes. What makes girls so special that they get all the cute footwear? 
Boys should be able to have more then 3 pairs of shoes without the stigma. I mean I'm the one who buys his shoes so technically its my fault. And my husband has a ton of shoes as well, so its his fault too.

So what are my must have shoes for Ethan?

The sandal

Ethan has FAT feet and these have adjustable velcro so it makes them the perfect fit no matter house thick is feet are.

Once again one of the only shoes that fit captain Fat Foot

We let Ethan pick out his sneakers this year, go figure we would pick out neon green. Ugh!

A little more casual, and a little more fun. Plus they're super easy to get on in a rush

Yes he has both pair, don't judge. ( actually he has 3 pairs of slip ons, but whose counting?)

Yes I know, I know I've said how much I hate character clothing. But they're shoes, they shouldn't count right?

Falls coming, so my mom knew I was on the lookout for warmer shoes. She unknowingly supports my bad habit.

Dressier Shoes

I can't help but get these for him. They're so stinking cute!

I have my eye on a few other pairs, but I'm trying to behave so we'll see how long that lasts.


  1. I have a shoe addiction and passed that along to my son too, lol! He has a ton of footwear and actually chooses what he wants to wear for the day!

  2. My son always has at least 6 pairs of shoes. Boys need choices, too!!!


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