Thursday, November 7, 2013

Best Products for Sick Kiddos

Fall is finally here, and with fall weather comes germs. You know- runny nose, coughing, grossness that toddlers just love to pass back and forth to each other. I don't know one toddler, my own included, that doesn't put his hands in his mouth or nose and then go up to his buddies and high five and play with toys together. Its a breeding ground for all things gross and no amount of hand sanitizer will prevent it from happening.

Now I personally have no problem using modern medicine to help with this, and if my kiddo needs an antibiotic or a OTC medication to help resolve whatever ailment then I'm ok with that
however with that being said I try if I can to use all natural remedies before other therapies.

So what is in my must have list of things to help keep and/ or help when your kids get sick?


We actually got rid of Ethan's from last year because he was constantly taking it apart so I want one a little more sturdy this year.

This stuff is amazing not only because its all natural but because it works! It has honey, vitamin-c, buckwheat, and a few other things in it. That's it. They also make an adult version but the taste is gross. I guess it doesn't bother E to much because he takes this stuff like a champ.

Boogie Wipes

 We have numerous containers around our house ( and car, and my purse.. you get the point) during cold weather to catch any coughing or sneezing fit that Ethan may try to throw our way. They come in scented and unscented for those who are sensitive to smells. The grape is probably our favorite though, it smells amazing!

Rectal Thermometer

Alright Ya'll I know you are thinking " this girl is crazy!!" But its the nurse in me that always makes sure we have a rectal thermometer. Yes its not comfortable but a rectal temperature is THE MOST ACCURATE ( I know, I know stop yelling, but trust me its important) way to check a temperature. Doing a temp under a child's arm or using those stupid head scanners are a waste of time because you can do it 10 times in a row and I almost always guarantee you will get 10 different readings. Ideally when your child can properly *as in actually hold it under their tongue* use a oral thermometer then there is nothing wrong with it but I strongly suggest not wasting your money or your time on those armpit or head scanner gadgets. If your completely against the booty thermometer its ok. Look into getting a ear thermometer as a close second until your child is able to use a oral device properly.  We will probably buy one this year since Ethan's out of diapers, and yes its going to be a little odd putting something up his booty.

Hand Sanitizer

This is hopefully a given, right?


Also another given I hope that extra hydration is a must? Not just to replenish lost fluid but it also helps loosen up secretions. 

Think I'm missing anything important? Let me know!

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  1. Omg, I love my cold air humidifier! I think it was $10 from Walmart and I wasn't sick once last winter when I had it running!


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