Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting on the Train

The Potty Train that is! That's right ladies and gents I am the proud mommy of a potty trained little boy. 

You know how a lot of people say that boys are hard to potty train, and don't really catch on until they're closer to 3. Well I believe Ethan has proven that little rumor wrong. Homeboy just turned 2 last month, and he figured this whole potty training business out in 3 days. ( more like 2, but I'll give him 3 just to sound nice). That's right I'm bragging because I'm excited and never have to buy him diapers again! Now I get to use that money on other important things, like a spa day for Mommy!

Ok ya'll, I'm about to talk about poop and pee, I know its not every ones cup of  tea, so be warned. I'm a nurse, so I don't really care that I'm talking about it.

So how did I do it? Well one of the doctors I work with gave me this "3 day potty training method" and since I had a few days off I woke up on Wednesday and was like " what the heck, lets give it a try" So we did. The short version of the method is day 1 you toss out all the diapers ( which we didn't but I figure I'm sure I can find a friend who I can donate them to) and you put on big boy underwear and never look back. 
You don't leave your child's side for the 3 days and you follow their cues while also constantly (and I do mean constantly) giving them little reminders to " tell mommy when you need to use the potty". 

The first day was a disaster. Why? because we went through 14 pairs of underwear by mid day and I had no choice but to put a diaper on him and run to the store to buy more since the rest were in the wash.  Day 2 we tried again and its like it just clicked, he didn't have once accident the entire day and the only time he has since was my fault. ** Note to  self, don't be a nurse at home and think your kiddo needs "help" to poop. 2 minutes after I decided to "help" Ethan with a mild laxative he went, and has been going nonstop. Oops, my bad! 

We are still working on bedtime, but I'm just thinking that his little bladder cannot hold it for 12 hours every night, no matter how early we cut off fluids. So for now we let him wear a pull up to bed ( not during nap time) and change him back into big boy undies as soon as he wakes up.

So what do you need to do the 3 day method?

We use the Safety 1st 3 in 1 potty. Its pretty much amazing and transforms into a step stool when we need it to.

 Big boy undies

and a prize for encouragement
That's it.
The point of my little story is this method works. No fancy potty, no cute books on potty training, no ipad for distraction on the potty. We asked him to go, and when he did he got a small prize- 2 reese pieces. Yeah he had a sugar high by the end of it but we only got the candy the first day, and each day since he has just gotten a lot of cheering and encouragement.

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  1. So going to do this when its my (our) time! so simple and seems like it worked!

    - Kathryn Rekkedal


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