Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mother Knows Best

I've become that Mom. And I'm not going to lie, I don't like her/me.  What am I talking about?  You know that mom who has an opinion about everything? Yeah her.

A friend of mine is preggers ( Hi Kathy!!) and I'm so excited but while out buying her gift for her baby shower I started chatting with my husband about what we saw other parents getting. All of a sudden I heard myself saying things like " oh I would never use that product" or "ugh that's so ugly". No I wasn't a
completely horrible person and I kept my opinion between just my husband and I and didn't actually share it with these people but the point is when did I get so judgmental?

Fast forward to the baby shower and Kathy was asking everyone about their top pieces of parenting advice. Well you put a bunch of different women in a room together and you're bound to hear a ton of different advice. Now I know my advice isn't always the correct advice, but it is what's worked for us.  My top advice?

- Swaddle and white noise will save your sanity.
- No baby has ever died from having to CIO.
-Use a paci
- Save your receipts because half the stuff from the shower you won't use.

Anyway the point is while other people were giving their advice some of the things I completely agreed with and others I was like no way! ( to myself at least, come on I'm not that rude!)

No schedule?
No Paci?

I was dumbfounded you guys. DUMB FOUNDED!  That doesn't mean those moms are right and I'm wrong or vice versa it just means we've had different experiences. What bothers me is how I immediately started wanting to get defensive about things.  When did I become so judgemental? When did I become such a jerk? Apparently sometime in the last 2 years.

I have friends talking to me about what little Johnny or Susie is doing and I find myself sometimes thinking " there is no way I would ever try that".  I use to gladly listen to other moms about their parenting pearls of wisdom and now I find myself questioning most of it.  I guess its all part of growing as a parent, you find out what works for you, but at the same time have to acknowledge when your wrong.

Maybe that should be my new number one piece of advice. " Don't listen to other moms, we all do it differently"

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  1. That's usually my first piece of advice, followed by "But three kids in and this is what has worked best for us..."


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