Friday, October 25, 2013

What Nurses Really Do

People tend to have this inaccurate perception about nurses and what they do. They " aren't as smart as doctors", just give medicine all day and clean up poop or even worse people think of them as the super beautiful women who wear tiny uniforms and are at the doctors beck and call ( I mean seriously how many of you have worn the "sexy nurse" costume)

Well my wonderful readers I am here to tell you that most of that is not true ( I mean I do clean poop and work with a bunch of beautiful women but that's beside the point.) Now I work in pediatrics, so what I think nurses really do could be very different from someone else.

This is actually a male nurse I work with after a night shift of fun with one of our patients. Kudos to him because I don't know too many men comfortable enough with themselves to rock metallic green nail polish after work. But the point of me showing you this is we are so much more then pill pushers or butt cleaners, we are the life of the hospital yes also some of the hardest working people I know

We are more then just nurses, we are teachers, advocates, counselors, researchers

We provide care for not just the patient but the family. I don't know how many times myself or my coworkers have lent a shoulder to cry on, found a cup of coffee or done whatever it takes to make sure that the families that are there with these kids know they are in good hands.

All that stuff you see on House and Grey's Anatomy. Well let me tell you I can count on one hand the number of doctors that can *successfully* start and IV and draw labs. For many of them its a task learned in med school and then long forgotten. And helping clean up vomit, blood or puke? Not often part of their busy day.

We play with dolls and trucks and make fun little shapes out of tape just to make the every day life in the hospital just a little bit more fun. We sneak in contraband ( in my case it was helping sneak a pot bellied pig into the hospital or helping get country singer Brantley Gilbert in to see a sick patient)

We are the 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in snow, rain, sleet. Missing our families and friends so we can be there for you and yours when you need us. So don't think we are just pill pushers, or runners for doctors, or any of those other things. Its so much more then that.

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