Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Things About the Toddler Years

Having a toddler is a whirlwind. This unbelievable amount of happiness and frustration. While there are times that having a toddler can make you feel like you're losing your mind it also gives you some of the greatest joy you will ever experience. 

The hardest part of the toddler years? I have been able to narrow it down to 10 things.

1. NO- I have never despised a word as much as I hate the word no. All day long its "No mommy, No No No". While I can appreciate Ethan's growing independence I wouldn't mind eliminating that word from his system.

2.The Chase- Remember when your tiny bundle of joy was just that? Tiny. And you could put them in a carrier, carseat, stroller, or shopping cart without out much if any fight at all. Well the older they get the less they are willing to comply with this seemingly simple request. Kicking, screaming, and of course chasing become a daily occurance when you have to go anywhere.

3.Eating-When Ethan was a infant he ate whatever we fed him ( with the exception of carrots) without any resistance. Now that he is older and has developed a wonderful thing called an opinion ( about everything) it makes it much harder to convince him that he really doesn't want to eat cereal all day every day. And getting them to sit still while they eat after you get rid of the high chair? Also another fun adventure of toddlerhood.

4.Sleep- Good bye cribs, hello big kid beds. Whether you use a toddler bed or a regular bed you eventually have to kiss the crib goodbye and all of the security that goes with it. Yes it is like baby jail, but when you put your child down for a nap you know that's exactly what they did. Nap. Now you hear them running around playing when they should be in dream land causing you to constantly have to go in a remind them that play time is over and nap time is upon us.

5.Tantrums-Holy Cow this is my least favorite thing. How can someone that small have such a set of lungs. Toddlers aren't the best at expressing their emotions which leaves them less then pleased when they can't get there point across. Thus resulting in a full blown kicking, screaming temper tantrum.

6. Hitting/Biting- Not all toddlers do it but when they do it causes you to see red. One minute you are hanging out with your little one and next thing you know they have their teeth on you like a piranha because you said or did something they didn't necessarily approve of. My advice? As much as you want to bite them back to teach them a lesson be firm, reminding them that hiting/biting/ kicking/ whatever is not allowed and utilize whatever form of discipline you typically use ( such as time out).

7.Consistency- Its hard to be consistent with a toddlers but you have to do it. No matter how many times you hear " mommy please, please, pleasssseeeeeee!" Stick to your guns and you will never regret it.

8. No Patience- It typically goes with number 7. They have no patience, no reason to wait, and no understand of the words " no now" which can thus cause a lot of issue.

9.Potty Training- It comes with the territory of having a toddler and while it is such a blessing once you get there its a long hard road. Even though we did the 3 days potty training method and it worked we have had some set backs. Ethan regressed shortly after Tim left and we have had to fight  to get back on track. Lots of bribes, lots of treats, and lots of praise.

10. The worse thing about the toddler years? Your baby isn't a baby anymore. They are these amazing little people with big personalities and a ton of independence and if you blink you can miss it.

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