Sunday, November 3, 2013

Duna Nuna Nuna Nuna


Ethan and his buddy Aiden dressed up as Batman( Aiden) and Robin( Ethan)for Halloween. Ethan made a perfect Boy Wonder and was running around having such a good time. 

Aiden couldn't fit in the Robin costume, so it was a no brainer he had to be Batman.

To the Batmobile!

Uh Mom, you told me not to take candy from strangers?

Ethans "mask" had to be reapplied about 3 times because he was sweating so much from all the running

 Afterwards the boys ran off their sugar high in Aidens front yard with another little buddy.

 Never fear, Ethan is here!

I hope everyone had as much fun on halloween as we did and you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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