Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm Not Perfect and Thats OK

News Flash everyone, I'm admitting that despite my complete amazingness I in fact am not perfect. No parent is really, myself included. But you know what? That's totally ok. I lose my cool, I break the rules that I set for myself and my family, I do time outs, I yell, and sometimes I wonder how I can keep moving forward.

Its hard not to look at other parents with their well behaved kids, and their perfect hair and make up and think " wow, what is she doing that I can't?" In reality she is probably just having a good day, the same thing that happens to you on occasion. Or maybe she bribed her kids with chocolate to behave, or maybe just maybe she is falling apart but putting on a brave front for the rest of the world. Regardless she isn't perfect, she is living this crazy journey of motherhood just like the rest of us. One moment at a time.

I'm ok with all of this, I'm ok with the fact that there isn't a perfect way to be a mom, no magic secret or some spell to make everything happen just how you want it to when you want it to.  I could do things different, and know that I may have regrets later. Why am I OK with this?
Because I know that I'm giving it my all. I'm giving my family the best of me with the good and the bad. They get all of it. And I hope that they remember that as they grow.

We stay up past bedtime on special occasions. Or sometimes we do it because I haven't been able to spend time with Ethan because of work. Regardless we do it, and we love it.

 Yelling? I have a temper no point in denying it, so have I yelled? Yeah I have and no I don't regret it nor do I let it make me feel like a bad parent. Sometimes that's just what needs to be done. Sometimes its hard not to pull out a " Ethan Andrew! I said STOP!" I don't do it often but it happens.

 When I found out I was pregnant I swore off all sugary goodness for my future children. Then reality set in and I caved. I caved horribly. With potty training we used Reese Pieces and Ethan loves lollipops. Oops

There are days I want to throw in the towel. And days I want to throw a tantrum just like Ethan does ( including the throwing myself to the ground, screaming like a banshee until I turn red). There are days I want to ship Ethan to my moms and "run away" from my problems.  I have my bad days just like every one else.

Its so easy to get caught up in what it is to be a "good" mom. Yet there is always a different way to parent, maybe even a better way.The point is all of these things are not ideal but that doesn't make me or you any less of an amazing mom. We do what works for our families. Sometimes they need yelled at, or time out, or for us to break a rule, so while I may not be perfect to everyone else, maybe I am the perfect mom for my family and we are making memories that last a life time.

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