Sunday, December 8, 2013

Giving Back at the Holidays

With the holidays drawing near it is a time that I enjoy going above and beyond and like to show Ethan how to think of others at this special time of the year. Although this is a theme we try to have throughout the year there is something extra fun about giving back at the holidays.

Last year it was a little harder because of Ethan's age but this year I have a whole list of things that I want to do and plan on doing our own "25 Days of Giving Back."

Day 1. We sorted Ethan's old toys and took a bag full to the salvation army.
Day 2. My current favorite- Fresh baked cookies delivered to the fire department. I don't know who enjoyed it more, Ethan who was able to see the trucks or the fireman who devoured the cookies
Day 3. We payed for the family in line behind us as subway. They were completely surprised but it made me feel good so see someone so thankful.
Day 4. We delivered candy canes to all of our neighbors ( in their mail boxes) with little notes that said we hope they have a happy holiday
Day 5.Ethan dropped off some toys with the Marines working the Toys for Tots stand at the Navy Exchange.

Day 6.Starbucks for the car behind us in the drive thru
Day 7. We bought hot chocolate and a sandwich for this very nice homeless vet who we sometimes see on our way to the base. It was so sweet when Ethan handed him the bag and said " here eat". The man was so sweet and of course extremely thankful. I just wish we could have done more.
Day 8. We went to down town and taped a quarter to all the meters.

We pretty much play every day by ear depending on what we have going on but we are having a blast doing it all and I just hope it teaches Ethan a lesson about giving back during the holidays


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