Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Recap

Here's to hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We have had a great week thus far.

I haven't posted much about our holiday prep ( or anything else for that matter) lately. But that's because I've been using every available moment to simply enjoy it and therefor haven't had time to talk about it. But since the holidays are over and I found some free time I thought I'd show off our little home during the holidays and give you a quick recap.

First things first, this year my new obsession is definitely burlap. I love the rustic look of it and used it all throughout my house to decorate.
From my tree

To the fireplace

Even our Christmas cards and presents had touches of burlap. 

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I love how it all came out!
I may have went a little overboard ( I also had place mats, and my Christmas wreath with burlap), but to me its perfect.

I tried to make this year different, special. It was our first of 2 years in a row that we will be celebrating without Tim so I tried to make it as fun as possible. It think it turned out great.

I was even able to con Ethan into so Christmas photos, despite his reluctance, which only made the photos that much better

We started with celebrating a day early at my moms house with the whole family. It was so nice to get everyone together for a good ole fashion Christmas dinner. Turkey, ham, all the sides and of course lots of dessert.

After that we went home and baked cookies for the jolly fat man and sat them out with a glass of wine. The whole milk thing is just a rumor. Trust me, Santa likes wine.

Christmas day everyone came over to be with Ethan and I as we celebrated. Ethan was excited to have everyone over, but much less excited about his gift from Santa.  

I decided that this year Santa was only bringing one gift, and the rest would be from Mommy and Daddy because to be it seems silly to give all the credit to an imaginary man.

We still have a few holiday trips to make, including a big surprise trip for Ethan which I am keeping secret until it actually happens. 

Enjoy the rest of your holiday everyone and remember the reason for the season!

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