Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Playground Fun

 Last weekend I had this great idea of having a date day with Ethan. We were going to go to the Children's Museum and then out to lunch. We get dressed, drive the 30 minutes to the museum only to find out it was closed for the day. Whomp whomp.

 So we did the next best thing, lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and some play ground fun.  I seriously can't think of anything Ethan owns that I love more then his hats and vests.

He always looks like a little man, and is so stinking cute! Not all kids like hats, so I definitely lucked out with one who doesn't mind wearing them. 

The best part about this outfit? Literally everything except for his jeans ( Lucky Brand ) was from Target so super inexpensive and cute all at the same time.

Now its your turn. Head on over and link up for Trendy Tot Tuesday and show off your little fashion icon.

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