Monday, February 3, 2014

Its Done!- The Big Boy Room

Back in September Tim and I decided it was time to redo Ethan's room  and had hoped to get it done by his birthday ( also in September). He previously had a nautical nursery which he could care less for but we wanted him to enjoy his room, so it would be his happy place, his relax zone so to speak.  Well for whatever reason the boy loves airplanes.

 My mom lives near the naval airstation and he will sit outside all day watching planes fly over her house. We even took him to see the movie Planes as his first movie and let me tell you I was expecting a disaster- taking a 2 year old to the movies? What good can come of that. But let me tell you he didn't move a muscle during that movie.

We had bought furniture for him before he was born that is meant to grow with him, so if we're lucky we will never have to replace it. All that really needed changed was the decor. We decided to stick to mostly navy and red with pops of green here and there.

Good bye TV, hello photographs of airplanes. Some by me, others via the good ole internet. I love the black and white photos of older planes. Classic

Showing off some of my DIY projects. The crayon art and the chalk board are 2 of my favorite DIY projects I've ever done and they work so well in his room. The rocker was a gift from my dad for Ethan's second Christmas. He didn't even know he would be one day helping feed his grandsons airplane addiction.

My #1 favorite thing in Ethan's room. Made in about 10 minutes using Paint on my computer, just printed it out and framed it.

 That rocking chair is almost 30 years old and was mine from when I was a kid.

The big boy bed. Not much change here except we converted it to a toddler bed and I redid the letters about his bed to match our current theme. Yes I know they're crooked. I'm lazy.

Tim and Ethan were having a father/son day before he left and they came across this beast. Its an amazing piece and luckily we had the perfect wall for it, but holy heavy batman!

We left the sitting area pretty much the same other then Ethan's collection of airplane toys and the planes that are suspended from the ceiling above the chair, another personal favorite.

All and all I love how his room looks now. We saved a ton by reusing the same furniture and having so many DIY projects. Now hopefully he doesn't hate airplanes in a year, because if so he might be out of luck.


  1. I love the look of it all. Good job. We have yet to just up and turn Michael's room from a "nursery" look to "Big Boy" room. Soon. :)


  2. I love what you did to his room!


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