Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Lately

Nothing like a little update on all things Crazy Beautiful on this gorgeous Sunday.  

Last week we were hit by the big snow storm effecting the east coast which means since I had to work I was stuck at the hospital for 38 hours to ensure people would be there to work in case the next shift couldn't make it in.  
Not to bad, but cabin fever definitely started to set in on night 2.

I been wanting to get some new photos of Ethan done and after days of fighting me on this the little man finally agreed to sit still, and then was mad when I stopped.

 Ethan's out of town for a week. He is spending the week being spoiled by his Aunt Michelle and Uncle Zac and thus giving this Momma a whole week to do whatever I darn well please. What have I done so far?      

-Sat on my couch and watched something other then Chuggington or Mickey Mouse. Holy cow have I          missed watching adult tv. 

 -Painted my bathroom. When we first bought our house I wanted a yellow bathroom, so I painted our           half bath buttercup but because there is no natural light in there it looked more school bus yellow. 6 years       later I finally did something about it.
Now I just need to get some shelves and paint something new because I don't think the crazy paisley I had in there before will work any longer.

 - Didn't sleep in, because my stupid internal clock is set for 7am thanks to Ethan. 

 - Got my nails done for the first time in months, Who would have thought that would make me feel like 

 - Scheduled my hot stone massage for later this week. I'm so ready!

We finally rebooked our trip to visit Tim in Cuba. Hopefully this time next month I'll be lounging on a beach. But then again maybe lounging isn't going to happen when there are things like this around
Yes that's my husband holding a boa that he found crossing the road. Good Gosh!

Wow I didn't realize there really was a lot going on lately. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if your watching the super bowl tonight let me just leave you with a "Go Broncos!"

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