Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Play Areas for Small Spaces

When we first had Ethan we knew we would eventually come to the point where we would be cramped for space and come up with some unique storage situations. Well the time has come because my living room has been taken over by Chuggington, Mickey Mouse, and super heros.

Living in a 2 bedroom town house has definitely been a challenge the bigger our family has gotten. Aubs and Ethan are forced to share a room when she is in town, and a lot of Ethan's stuff has to get shoved in the closet to make room. I hate that the kids don't each have their own space, but for now it is what it is. Plus I feel like I'm constantly purging.  Our living area is more like a great room. Its a pretty good size and is suppose to have an area for dining as well but we instead just use our eat in kitchen and use the extra room in the living area so we don't feel cramped with a office space and living area in one.

When Tim first left in October I got rid of my desk that was in a little nook and started using a smaller desk area on the other side of the living room so I could designate a play area for Ethan. I started with a Real Simple 9-cube storage system and thought it would work for a while. The problem is that using the one system didn't leave room for any new or bigger toys. So Christmas came along with a bunch of new toys and once again we were out of room.

Yesterday I decided to do something about it. I went through and did a final purge to get rid of anything I hadn't seen Ethan play with on at least a weekly basis since Tim left and then bought additional storage.

I had to make some changes to how this was assembled but it was super easy. The system is mean to be vertical, but I really wanted it to be horizontal so what I did was put it together as normal except for the legs and then took some extra strength wood glue and glued the legs on  the side so the shelf could lie on its side. You can't even tell and its super sturdy.

I love the look of cube storage because you can sort things out separately making it easy to find. A bin for action figures, a bin for cars, a bin for dress up etc.There is tons of extra. Then things that are way too big can be moved off the floor ( and thus out of the way) by sitting on top of the shelves. Add a little walk way for Ethan's kitchen and it was pretty much done. The whole thing cost me about $100, thanks to a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond and a little bit of time to install and organize but so far its working out great!

Now if only Ethan could remember to clean up his toys without me reminding him we would be all set.

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  1. oh lord ethan without pants is killing me. adorbs.


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