Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Hair

Ok I'm going to admit it, I'm kind of obsessed with hair.

Before I was pregnant I always thought I would want a little girl- pigtails, hair bows, and cute little accessories Now that Ethan is here I am so thankful I have a son instead. When his hair drives me crazy I just cut it or throw a hat on his head ( or both). There are some hair styles on little boys that I think are so cute and others that just don't hit the mark in my opinion.  

I personally a sucker for layered "messy" hair cuts on boys. Uniform haircuts like bowl cuts, have never been something I would consider for my own child neither has been having a kids hair in their face. I don't care if they are a boy or a girl get their hair out of their face. Definitely on my top 10 pet peeve list. I can't even take it when Ethan's hair touches his ears. 

Don't get me wrong I have tried but I can't stand it when it starts to get to long. It looks like he is meant to have short hair until he is old enough to fight me on it. Until then he is going to go see my favorite girl at Haircuttery because 1. I'm the momma and I said so and 2. I refuse to go and pay an arm and a leg on a hair cut for a 2 year old. Trust me if I didn't think I would butcher his head I'd try to do it myself. 

What are your thoughts on hair cuts and kids? Are you a hair cut obsessed parent like me or do you just go with the flow?

Now its your turn. Head on over and link up for Trendy Tot Tuesday and show off your little fashion icon.

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