Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Its Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday.
That's right I went there ya'll.
Its the first week of spring and the weather in Virginia Beach doesn't know what is happening. Its been nuts, one day we're wearing winter coats and beanies, and the next t-shirts and sundresses. Mother nature is out of her mind!  Its been a fun week, busy as usual with work, Ethan, and the daily happenings of our life.

Today is my step dads birthday! He has really stepped up with Tim being gone to provide a good male role model for Ethan and I couldn't be happier. Ethan and him are inseparable when they are together and it makes me feel so much better that he has the male figure in his life while his Daddy is away.

I'm seriously debating getting another dog. Since we put Olivia down in October our poor Lucy seems so lonely and I think she would love the company. I haven't decided if this is a wise decision by any means but its definitely something that's been on my mind.

Want to know the only reason I am excited about March Madness? Because when its over we will be that much closer to MLB opening day.  I'm kind of a sports snob and the only one I truly care about is baseball. I plan on taking Ethan to his first Braves game this year so I'm stoked!

I finally tried out Adobe Light Room, and let me tell you that I'm hooked! I mean I LOVE this program. Its so much easier to use then Photoshop in my opinion. I even went back and re-edited a few photos I've taken recently and well........


Ethan found our copy of Polar Express a few days ago and has insisted we watch it EVERY day, at least once. I feel like its Christmas time again but he's happy so I'm happy. 

Now I plan on trying to coax the little man away from his movie. Its almost 70 degrees and I think the park is calling out name.


  1. I love Christmas movies, but I try to hide them back so they are a special treat during that time of year. I'm not a huge sports fan, but my daughter wants to go to a baseball game so bad. I'm not sure she would sit through much so I have been putting it off. But this might be the year!

  2. Adobe Light Room looks like a perfect fit for you. Great editing!

  3. Oh wow, that scenic photo is gorgeous - I will definitely be looking into Adobe Light Room!

  4. Lovely Friday 5! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  5. Soooooo wish I wasn't going to be preggo for opening day 2014! And I think my son is just as obsessed with Polar Express! He might watch it every day until Christmas. :)


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