Monday, March 17, 2014

How do you slow them down? 2.5 year update

I"m about a week late, but I can't believe my little man is officially closer to 3, then he is 2. He has such a strong personality and I see the best and worse of both Tim and myself rolled into one feisty, funny, opinionated little boy. He makes each day new and exciting and has a temper that matches that red hair. Its not always easy with him but its always an adventure that I'm thankful God chose me to be part of.

35lbs. He went with me to the doctor the other day and had to try out the scale himself after they got my weight. 

3 feet give or take a couple inches.

Clothing Size:
This kid is so confusing. His pants range anywhere from 24 months to 3T, depending on the brand. He has a little belly on him so most of his shirts and pj's are 3T

No more of those!! We have been about 80% potty trained since October. The only time he ever wears a pull up is when he is asleep. Everyone says that sleep training is something that happens when he is physically ready and not to push him too hard before hand. So I'm not. Oh course I'm always open to suggestions if anyone has some.

We are still doing gluten free. Well actually lets call it gluten light. I have added some gluten back into our diets for convenience, like bread. Its so hard to pack lunches for daycare without having at least bread and gluten free bread just wasn't working for us because of all the limitations ( like it needs to be frozen until ready to eat). Otherwise he is doing really well with it.

Hair, Teeth, and Eyes
2 year molars came in and I didn't even know it. He handled it like a champ. His hair is still a strawberry blonde/red. I just hope it stays that way and doesn't darken as he gets older.

We definitely struggled with sleep after Tim left. Ethan wanted to always sleep with me and tried very hard to give up his nap, despite turning into a super cranky kiddo without one. Luckily we have it all figured out for the most part. A timer has come in handy because he responds so well to knowing when its time to change activities or call it a night.


His speech has exploded. I never thought I would wish for quiet, but its finally happened. He is so chatty and I can't even begin to guess how many words he is saying. We also have some simple sentences which on our trip to Cuba totally through Tim for a loop. His first sentence? "Mommy, where are you??" Oh yeah, super fun.


Being outside. He has not been a fan of the cold weather and I know when it gets warm outside we will pretty much be living out there.

Airplanes- Still completely obsessed.

Monsters Inc- He watched this once and was instantly hooked. Now we watch it at least once a day and he goes nowhere without his Mike doll. 

The Ocean- In Cuba he literally ran screaming anytime we tried to take him near the ocean.

Going to the babysitter- He is definitely going through some separation anxiety and now when we pull into the sitters drive way he instantly starts crying and insisting "we go home mommy, home now". Yeah it pretty much breaks my heart every time.

My baby boy isn't a baby anymore. He is this feisty little boy he loves trains and running, and climbing trees and riding his bike. He is so small and so innocent but so grown up all at the same time.

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  1. Charley is a big fan of Monsters, Inc. too! Can't believe our little ones are 2.5! Crazy!


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