Sunday, March 30, 2014

It Could Have Been Him

Trying to put my thoughts into words is apparently not going to be easy for me today.
So unless you live under a rock, or purposefully avoid the news you know that a sailor was shot on board the USS Mahan last week.  MA2 Mark Mayo gave his life to step in front of one of his fellow sailors and  thus saved her life.  As a navy wife it of course touched my heart to hear this and my thoughts went to the family after I heard the news. After all the base this happened at is 15 minutes from our house, and was the same base that Tim was stationed at before he went to Cuba.  At the time that's all I knew of the incident, but now I know so much more and it has my shaken to my core.

What I didn't know when I first heard the news of MA2 Mayo's death is that Tim knew him well, they worked together and according to Tim he was a good guy who truly believed in what he did for this country. What I also didn't know is that MA2 Mayo was doing the same job the day he died that Tim left 5 months ago. He has apparently been moved to Chief of the Guard ( meaning he was the one in charge of providing safety at and around the piers. He was everyone's go to person)  The same job, the same position, the same shift that my husband had worked. 5 months ago. It could have just as easily been Tim that was killed instead of this brave hero if Tim was still stationed there.

That is what got me. It could have been Tim, my husband, my best friend , the father of my kids.  It could have been me that got a knock on my front door from men in uniform to tell me my husband gave his life for our country.  This is something that I take for granted. I've always thought "hey he's not over seas, he's not in the "sandbox" he's safe". But he isn't because you never know what could happen when it comes to being in the military, or being a military spouse.

 Mark Mayo will never get a chance to get married, or have children because he died for what he believed in and in his death and during my families grief, it makes us that much more thankful for him and all those who serve and give their life for this country. 

Life is short and you never know when it could be taken away so it is something that must be treasured and thanked for each and every day.


  1. Been thinking about that a lot too sis. I put Tim and Mark both on my Church's prayer list yesterday.

  2. I hadn't heard about this but our fallen soldier as well as all those serving our country are in my prayers.


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