Monday, March 10, 2014

Toddler Activity Book

Having a toddler means always being busy, or trying to. They best way to keep most toddlers happy is to give them something to do. When they get bored, they get wild, and nobody wants a bored boucing off the walls toddler.

While we were in Cuba, Tim and I got talking about activities for Ethan, ways to keep him occupied on the plane and when we were just relaxing at home because of course we could only pack so many toys on the plane.  Then I thought of this- an activity book with plenty of pages.

We have been working on numbers, letters, shapes, and colors and Ethan loves it all so why not create an activity that is not only fun but educational? 
The best part is that it was super easy and cheap to make with a binder I found on sale at Target, some sheet protectors and some time.

 There are about 60 pages ranging from letters and numbers to counting and coloring pages.  Ethan can color on the sheet protectors with dry erase markers, then erase and start again.

So far he is loving it, and I am loving the peace and quiet of him being so occupied. Definitely a win/win

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