Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 Steps to Survive a Toddler Tantrum

We definitely have our fair share of tantrums in this house. Ethan is such a spirited little boy ( don't you love how people with "crazy" kids call them spirited, it sounds so much nicer then saying " My kid likes to act like a lunatic from time to time").We've all read and heard of ways to help a tantrum, but I thought I would give you a few more. I've developed what I like to think of as a 10 step way to deal with these tantrums and I thought I would share my knowledge with you. Your welcome.

Step 1-Realize that your life is about to be turned upside down for the duration of the on coming tantrum. You may as well embrace it. It just has to run its course, you can't control everything.

Step 2- Go to your kitchen and pour your self a glass of wine, this could be a bumpy journey

Step 3- Ensure your kid isn't going to get hurt, hurt someone else, or break something. You can't always remove your kid from the situation, but you can remove the situation from him. Give him or her somewhere safe to let their emotions outs. 

Step 4- Take a sip of wine.

Step 5- Ignore them ( and by ignore I mean make your kid think you're ignoring them when you're actually watching them like a hawk- see step 3)

Step 6- Drink more wine.

Step 7-Be consistent and stand your ground. If they are throwing a tantrum because you said no TV, then don't cave and give it to them just to make the tantrum stop. Trust me I know its tempting but all that teaches them is if I scream long enough I'll get my way because mommy is a pushover.

Step 8- Drink more wine, and refill as necessary

Step 9- Be funny. I don't know any toddler that can stay mad long when your making silly faces or sounds.

Step 10- When the storm has passed pick your kiddo up, give them a big hug, and carry on with your day. Remember that with a little patience ( and wine) you can get through anything.

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