Thursday, April 17, 2014

Isn't that Pinteresting

The weather is finally getting warmer which means time to get outside and enjoy it. I've had a few projects on Pinterest that I couldn't wait to try out and we finally got a chance.

Up first?
The home made bird feeders that are all over the web

These are so easy to make and we had so much fun doing them. The hardest part was waiting for them to dry completely so they didn't break apart when we went to hang them outside.  The tutorial says you only have to wait 12 hours, but I gave ours a full 24 hours just to be safe.

Boil Water then add geletin

Add your seed to the geletin and mix well

Fill your cookie cutters then wait.

We of course didn't have any simple shapes, so instead did baseball hats, teddy bears and dinosaurs.

He was so proud of his handy work and that he was able to feed the birdies!

This is something we do all the time at work and had kept meaning to "borrow" some supplies so we could do it at home. It was so much fun. Completely messy but a blast none the less. I suggest filling medicine cups up with the paint and having numerous syringes. Plus doing this outside with washable paint is a must.

Both of these projects were so much fun! Definitely something worth trying for everyone.


  1. Those bird feeders are adorable!! I never would have thought of that!! And the syringe painting seems like it would even be a blast for adults!!!!

    Great pics, newest follower here!! :)

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  2. You know you want to update your blog!!! :)


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