Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
We made it through our first week of Tim being gone without any major hurdles.  Ethan has been attached to my hip for the last few days, but I think I needed it as much as he did. So what else is going on or on my mind on this beautiful Friday?

1.  I am loving that I'm taking more photos. Hopefully someday in the future I can cut back to part time at the hospital and focus more on photography. Here is a little preview of a shoot I did this week for a dear friend of mine and her fiance. Could they be any cuter? Check out Something to Smile About for more of the photos.

2. I'm on a movie kick lately, and have seen 3 in the last week and a half- The Neighbors ( HILARIOUS!), X-Men ( the nerd in me loved it), and The Fault in our Stars ( definitely needed tissues, but it was so good!)

3. My brother is living with Ethan and I for a while. At first I was a little worried because like most siblings we do better when we aren't under the same roof. But between our work schedules its actually working out really well. He is able to help with Ethan some, and I'm getting a little more down time to do things like run errands without having to force Ethan to go along.

4. I've been throwing around the idea of taking Ethan to his first MLB game. We have gone to minor league games before and he seemed to enjoy it so I think it might be time to head to DC for the day and check out a game. The Braves ( my team) are in DC this weekend but its a little short notice, so I might take him the weekend of his birthday instead when they are back. I can't wait to see him decked out in his baseball gear!

5.  I finally started watching Orange is the New Black, and I must say I get what all the hype is about. Its definitely a good show, and its nice being able to just watch a few episodes at once after Ethan goes to bed that way I can just watch it at my own place. Definitely found a new show I'll have to keep up with.

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  1. I'm watching OITNB too! It is so good - even got my husband hooked on it!


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