Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer Must Haves

Its June, which means summer is almost officially here. I don't know about you guys but I LOVE me some summer time.  I remember before Ethan was born I would sleep in, then throw a towel and a book in my bag and head to the beach to lounge the entire day, every day.
 Now that I'm a mom to a very busy toddler I don't exactly get to have lazy beach days like I use to. But that doesn't mean we don't have a blast in the summer. Whether its at the beach or at home there are a few things I believe are must haves for a summer full of fun.

A beach tent- These things are great for the beach, the park, or anywhere that you will be outside for a long period of time to protect you against the suns harsh rays.  We always keep one in our beach bag that way when Ethan needs a break its always there.

Good sunscreen- This is kind of a given, but don't forget your high SPF sunscreen to protect your little guy or girl ( and yourself). The last thing anyone wants is sun damage to ruin a fun day. We personally like Mustela SPF 50, and have never had any issues with it.

Outside toys- Pick your poison, whatever your little guy or girl is into make sure to have them some outside toys. Ethan has this fort and we love it, as well as plenty of balls, toy lawn mowers and tons of other toys

Bubbles- If you don't have a million bubbles already in your house, then chances are you don't have a toddler. These simple little things can provide hours of fun.  We have bubble guns, bubble mowers, and bubble machines. Its probably overkill but its so much fun.

The summer pool- Where its a huge pool or just a little baby pool, when its hot outside a pool is a must.

Water toys- If a pool just isnt feasible for you, then you can always go for water guns or sprinklers. Both will keep you and your little one happy for hours. We love this
Melissa and Doug sprinkler and always have a blast.

Puddle Jumper- I love these things. They're so nice compared to other kids swim vest, because your child can still move his arms without restraint, and the added bonus of them being coast guard approved is nice for when you need a life preserver 

Sunglasses- As much as protecting your child's skin is, don't forget to protect their eyes this summer as well. We love Children's Place sun glasses for their numerous styles and inexpensive price. Plus you can get them in sizes from 3 months and up.

Water- Now a Camelback isn't a must, but it is extremely convenient.  Tim bought Ethan one of these last year and it goes everywhere with us. Amusement parks, the beach, the zoo. Its small enough that Ethan can wear it himself and always have access to water without depending on us.

Chalk- Another fun summer must have? Sidewalk chalk. This stuff leads to hours of play and it can be washed away when your done. Definitely a must. Crayola has tons of color options for less then $10.

Now go gather your supplies and enjoy the summer, I know we will!

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  1. Great post!! I've debating on which outdoor climber to get, Step 2 has tons of great options so I have issues narrowing it down. The bubble machine and kiddie pool are a hit in this household!


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