Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work and Mommyhood

A few weeks ago I asked my friend Kathryn if she would be interest in writing a little something for my blog. She is a new mommy to adorable baby June and one of my dearest friends. We have know each other since we were both new nurses, then newlyweds, and now navigating this fun world of parenthood. Lucky for me she loved the idea of writing a little something for me about one of the many issues new moms have to go through.

Hi there blogerrific world! I am writing today as a guest blog post for my dear friend Shannon.  When she messaged me about guest posting, I read it at 4am when I was feeding my always hungry daughter and was given the option of writing whatever I wanted. Well to put it bluntly, a baby and work has been the majority of my life for the past 6+months so what else can I write about?!   One of the things with being a new mom I was not prepared was trying to juggle full-time work and baby life so I would like to share how my husband and I have achieved this to keep things somewhat sane in my household.  It has taken me awhile to get to this point but after trial and error through this baby journey, call this the full-time nurse mom life hack blog post as I navigate you fellow readers how I survived and what can make your day/night less hectic with your little one!  At my work I have been fortunate enough to be given 12 weeks off after giving birth to her Dec. 15 2013. I started back to work on March to a cloudy headed, dazed and confused mind-set on top of already crying the first 30 mins. coming into work.  One of the many thoughts that were going through my mind when I left her are… who will love her as much as me? What is she doing right now? Is she producing enough dirty diapers?  Am I doing the right thing? All the things I have worried about now will have to be handed over to someone other than me as I work full-time at my job as an oncology nurse.   So here are a few things I have learned along the way:
1)      Preparation is key!
a.       If there is something you can prepare the night before.. DO IT! Nothing ruins a day more than doing things the last minute and having a grumpy baby that doesn’t want to wait!
2)      Accept help when offered!
a.       This was a hard one for me.  I really enjoyed my independence and “not being a bother” to people but when you are so exhausted from work and all you want is a hot meal already made, LET YOUR MOM/FRIENDS COOK FOR YOU! They will be your lifesavers!
3)      Do not complain at work. That is what your partner/husband/friends/family are for (and a glass of wine!).
a.        The first few weeks all I wanted to do is say how tired I was and how frazzled I was with having a baby. It is ok to talk in a positive light but you don’t want to be one of those people that other people avoid! With being an oncology nurse no one wants a grumpy nurse and my patients look for anything positive in their life. They definitely put it in perspective that’s for sure!
4)      Your baby is his/her own unique –self.  They are not robots and follow a neat nice timeline.
a.       If I had known this, I would have not scrutinized everything she was doing and making sure she followed some books guidelines on what my daughter SHOULD be doing.  If she is not quite ready for something, revisit whatever you are trying to introduce another day.  Once I realized this, it made me less stressed on what a book thinks she SHOULD be doing but rather what CAN she be doing at this moment for her.  Less stress equal happy momma!

So there you have it! Some life hacks that I have come to experience that has helped us immensely.  As with life in general, her needs and expectations will also change but we will be ready for it (hopefully!)


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