Sunday, July 13, 2014

Style On a Budget

Remember eons ago when I would do the occasional post about cute style for plus size women, all while trying to stay on a budget? Well it slowly faded into the back ground not because I didn't want to show off a bunch of cute clothes, but because I hit a total mommy rut. I mean I have lived in jeans and t-shirts until lately. Not really anything stylish there. Heck even my hair ( remember my cute hair cut from last year?) is boring because I'm trying to let it grow.

 Well trust me I have noticed the rut, and I'm trying extremely hard to break out of it. So yesterday while browsing my favorite store ever, Target,  I came across a few pieces I loved and decided that its time to let go of the t-shirts and embrace the easy but nice looking shirts and skirts that are slowly making their way into my closet.

Shirt- Macys, Skirt-Target,  Shoes-Target ( similar, mine are 2 years old), Bag- Coach ( also about 2 years old)

Ethan decided to photo bomb a couple photos but I don't think anyone will mind since he's so handsome, right?

On Ethan-Old Navy

So there we go, goodbye frumpy, hello fabulous!

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