Saturday, September 6, 2014

Almost 3

I'm sitting here trying to wrap my head around the fact that in less then 4 hours I'll have 3 year old. I can't even being to explain just how blessed I am that I have such a fun loving, head strong little boy in my life. He is as bossy as he is helpful and as opinionated as he is humble.

I remember moments after he was born and he wasn't breathing how my world seemed to stop, with every passing second praying to God that I would hear him cry, see his color turn anything but purple and see him move his little body. What seemed like hours was only minutes but its a moment in my life that will forever be ingrained into my head. The moment I thought I would lose my son before he got to know just how much I love him, before he got to know just how much he meant to me, before he got to know how proud I was of him because within seconds of his birth I was all of those things already.  He has had me, and everyone else in our family wrapped around his finger before he even made his appearance.  

With each year he has given me more joy then I can image, made my pride in him expand 10 fold, and made me laugh more then I've ever thought possible. He's also given me more grey hair then I know what to do with, more headaches then I knew I could have. But for ever rough patch we hit, for ever tantrum either of us has thrown we have so many amazing memories I hope I can share with him as he gets older.  

This year has held so many special moments for me. We have survived almost a year without Tim being here, holidays, birthdays, traveling overseas by ourselves, death of pets and numerous things I can't even remember at this moment. None of which would have been the same without my little man. He is 3 going on 30, smart, outspoken and fun. He is everything I wanted and nothing I could have imagined. 

I'll write an actual birthday post later, but for now...

Happy Early Birthday to my favorite little boy

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