Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Essential Oils are Slowly Changing my Life

I'm being serious here. Since I've started using oils I've noticed so much of a difference with things in my daily life. I use them for everything from cleaning to sleep and they are amazing. I've met a few people who doubt there effectiveness so I thought I would give you my top 5 favorite uses for oils.

5. Soap- Remember me posting about making hand soap. Well I am still in love with it as much as I was the day I wrote the post. Its super easy and has saved me so much $. Plus its nice to use something that I know all the products that are in it.

4. Bug Repellant- Thanks to a particular little boy I found ants in my pantry last week. So instead of running to get raid, or other bug killer I looked up all natural ant repellent, and lucky for me ants hate the smell of peppermint. So I pulled out a spray bottle and whipped up some repellent of my own. 15 drops of peppermint ( bug repellent along with a ton of other uses) , 10 of lemon,( natural cleaner) 8 of tea tree oil ( which is a natural antiviral/antibacterial/antifungal) and water. Then I sprayed the entire pantry and along the baseboards of the kitchen.

3. Room deoderizer- I have a dog and a toddler, so sometimes febreeze is a necessity to fresh up my house. But febreeze is also expensive so I decided to forgo it an make a home made air freshener using lemon and peppermint oil with little water in a mist spray bottle. It works great and I love the smell. Plus if I ever want a different scent I just grab some different oils.  Also you can add the oils to plug in air fresheners like this 

2. Headache- I have recently cut caffine out of my diet and have got some killer head aches. I've always had bad stress headaches, but no caffeine plus stress has made me feel homicidal. That was until I learned of peppermint oil for head aches. Take a drop and apply to each temple and massage in, I kid you not your head ache is gone in minutes. I tried this on a girl I work with and she was pleasantly surprised with just how effect it was. I may never buy Excedrin again.  ** Side note make sure you dilute oils before applying them to skin. Peppermint can burn*

1. Sleep/Calming- I've always said Ethan is a spirited kid. ( read- hyper) so there are times when its hard for him to wind down during the day, and especially at bedtime but not anymore. I use a homemade blend of frankincense, cedarwood, and vetiver during the day to help him relax and at night use a blend of Chamomile, Clary Sage, Copaiba, Lavender, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram and Ylang Ylang and bedtime ( diluted of course) on Ethan's feet and/or the back of his neck. It can turn a 1 hour bedtime fight into a 15 minute fight. I feel like I've found a magic potion.

** These are all based off of my own personal experience. Please consult a doctor before using oils on yourself or someone you know**

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  1. So many friends of mine swear by essential oils. I haven't tried them, but it sounds like I need to soon. I am really interested in the sleepy blend. Maybe it would help Callen sleep better? http://myblog-hro.blogspot.com/?m=1


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