Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Being Aboy Mom is Amazing

  1. They are so easy to get ready. Tshirt-Check, jeans- Check, converse sneakers-Check. Baseball cap- check. And we’re done. No leggings, no hair bows, no frilly, itchy dresses. Its so easy and he always looks so cute. And most of the time ( as long as he is wearing his red converses lately) he doesn’t care what he is wearing which means I don’t have to fight him to look nice. Ever.

  1. Bathroom breaks- No fighting in the bath room, it takes him 15 seconds to pee and if there isn’t a bathroom near by, no problem because he can pee standing up. Which made potty training tons of fun. Throw a couple cheerios in the toilet and tell him to “aim his water gun at the target”. Done.

  1. Fart Jokes are funny, even when they’re not your son will laugh hysterically until he cries and you will laugh right along with him, not because the joke was great, but because his reaction to it is priceless

  1. Being safe is really a variable term. Ethan has been a little tornado since he could walk. Scratch that, he pretty much skipped walking and went right to running, and hasn't stopped yet. Climbing trees, skateboards, jumping off of things, climbing on things far to small to be climbed on, it all comes with the territory of having a boy. You can’t hover- well you can, but it doesn’t help any- because they fall, they get bumps, bruises, broken bones ( Ethan got his first yesterday, more on that later) and then they get up and instead of crying say “ mom did you see that, it was AWESOME, lets do it again”.  Just have first aid kit near by and prepare for a few extra grey hair.

  1. The Penis- Boys, like men have a fascination with their boy parts. It doesn’t matter how much you ask them not to they will talk about it as if it is the best thing since sliced bread. They will tell you, your neighbor, even your pastor all about it because they’re proud. Everything relates to the penis somehow, and after a while you don’t even get phased when he walks to a random lady at the grocery store and say “ I have a PENIS!!”

  1. They Eat- ALL THE TIME. I didn’t think he would start until Ethan was a teenager, but it actually started at 2 ½. It makes sense though, they are always on the move and burning energy means they need to eat, A LOT!

  1. They only have 1 volume and 1 speed- LOUD and Fast.

  1. They can be sensitive- Just because they are boys and society say that they are suppose to be tough they can be extremely sensitive too and send to wear their feelings for all to see.

  1. Clothing is optional- At least in the boy mind. Just today wearing nothing but underwear and rainboots Ethan tried to convince me he needed to eat lunch outside, in is playhouse because “ Why do I need clothes mom”

  1. Noise with Dirt on it- It’s a stereotype, but it’s a completely true from in my experience. They find dirt and mud like they have a tracker on it. Its amazing how easy they get dirty,

  1. Super Heros and Trucks- A boys favorite things. You don’t have to surround yourself with Pink, or Barbie, or hello Kitty ( ugh hello kitty) . Who doesn’t love Batman and Robin or Captain America?

  1. Boys are rough, they tackle, jump and push. Not go be mean but because they are physical beings and that’s how they have fun. Want a easy way to play with a boy on a rainy day? Lay on the floor and repair to be attacked ;)

13 . They love there moms unconditionally.- Yes they love there fathers too, but the love between a mother and a son is something different, something special. One day my little boy will be a man and act all tough, but he will always be able to come to mom for anything, and always be my little boy.


  1. Your #4 is exactly what we are going through too. I feel like Aiden has really become more of a dare devil this fall. I’m not sure if it has something to do with him starting preschool or turning 3, but the other day I looked outside in our backyard and he was STANDING on top of his playhouse trying to sweep the roof. I freaked out! He has never been a climber, but now he looks to find the things he can climb at the playground too. Our boys are just growing up!

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