Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear Santa ** A Note from a Military Wife**

Dear Santa,

I know I'm cutting it a little close this year with my letter but I hope you can find the time to read this before your big night.

I'm not asking for much this year, no fancy purse, no expensive electronics, no winning lottery ticket. I only for one little thing, and to be honest I don't know how much pull you have but its worth a shot.

 All I want for Christmas is that you guide those involved with our next set of military orders. I don't really care where we go, as long as we can all go together together. We've made it through a lot this separation and found a strength that we didn't know we possessed but if I'm being honest I'm getting close to my limit. I want to feel like my life is moving forward and with the other half of my heart gone I can't do that. I don't mind if we go to Bahrain, or Japan, or San Diego. Where ever we go will be ok with me as long as we can all be together.

And while I'm asking for your help this year Santa please send a little something extra to all the other military families who can't be together for Christmas this year.  I can say I really do know how they feel, and its a feeling that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So trust me they need a little pick me up this year too.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

A military wife.

PS If you can't get me orders, I guess that winning lottery ticket will have to do......

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